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Glenn Holgersen is a retired firefighter from Atlantic City, NJ.  He is 61 years old, and moved to Las
Cruces, New Mexico about 15 years ago where he became interested in photography again as the
digital age of cameras started to become popular.

During the 1980's he was awarded the Grand Prize for a profile of the Sphinx at the Giza Plateau,
and the photo was published in Conde Nasts Signature Magazine.  Since moving to New Mexico, he
has been shown in various shows around town, and one of those photos was chosen as a Black &
white finalist in the International Photography Contest sponsored by the Photographers Forum
Magazine.  That photo was published in the '2011 Best Of Photography Yearbook' .  In 2012 he was
also chosen as a finalist and published in the color photo division.

Now, with a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and a computer, he has been able to achieve his
ability to pursue his vision of the mix of photography and art, while  working with the many genres
of photography from portraits, animals, and nature, to digital manipulations and conceptual work.